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Auto BRAKE Rear LED Light


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A high powered rear light that comes with a rugged, waterproof construction, a USB rechargeable battery, side visibility, multiple light modes, and an automatic braking function that fires out the max amount of brightness if it senses you braking.  Easily mounted with an adjustable bracket and O ring.


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Rugged Construction

PERRY Pro Rear Light comes with a CNC aluminium heat sink and plastic casing which provides an intelligent thermal management system which stops the light from overheating during extended use. The light’s casing also protects the light with a water-resistant rating of IP64 which shields the light from rain, dirt, dust, road spray and more.

Rechargeable Battery

The 350mAh lithium-polymer battery is USB rechargeable and comes with a  USB cable that allows you to quickly recharge the light via any standard USB port. The light takes just 1 hour to fully charge with a battery life for up to 5 hours. 

Side Visibility

The 1pc rectangular ring COB high brightness red LED and the lens have been specially developed to provide excellent levels of side visibility.

Light Modes

The light comes with multiple different lighting modes which allows you to find the best possible lighting for your current environment and depleting battery life. The light modes included are:

Steady:  30 lumens light output – 2 hours battery life
Slow Flash:  30 lumens light output – 5 hours battery life
Quick Flash:  30 lumens light output – 4 hours battery life

Brake Light:  Activates in any of the above modes and remains on soldi for 2 seconds

In The Box

In the Box
RedEye Rear LED Brake Light
TAT22 universal bracket & O-ring fits (20-52mm)
BK-21 (belt clip)
USB  cable


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