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PERRY Streetlight 900 Lumens


Ideal for road cycling and MTB-trail riding, the PERRY P900  Pro front light provides 900-lumens illumination with IP64-waterproofing and seven adjustable output modes to suit any riding condition.

Our latest super powerful front rechargeable light with a huge 900 lumens, our most powerful front light with built in battery and charge indicator.
Constructed of Aluminium with secure quick connect bar mount function to fit almost any handlebar securely.


PERRY StreetLight P900
900 Lumens Front USB Rechargeable Light

  • Aluminium  Front Light
  • 2 CREE XP-G3 White LED’s
  • USB Rechargeable Type C USB (included)
  • Battery Type 2800mAh Lithion
  • IP 64 Waterproof
  • Secure silicone mounting bracket
  • High 900 lumens ( 2 hrs) ,  Medium 400 Lumens ( 4 hrs & Low mode 200  lumens ( 8 hrs)
  • Flashing modes: Outer LED’s 100 lm 10 hrs, Outer & Main 500 lm 4 hrs, Main only 5 hrs and SOS 5hrs
  • 3 hrs charge time
  • Weight 150g
  • Size W 43mm x L 79mm x H 26mm
  • Max Lumens 900


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